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Title Author Price
  A Brief History of the Baptists Edward Overbee $6.00
  A History of the Baptists (2 book set) John T. Christian $20.00
  A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 W. Phillip Keller $10.00
  A Sure Guide to Heaven Joseph Alleine $4.00
  Advice for Seekers Charles H. Spurgeon $3.00
  Alien Baptism and the Baptist William Nevins $6.00
  All of Grace Charles H. Spurgeon $3.00
  All Things for Good Thomas Watson $5.00
  Around the Wicket Gate Charles H. Spurgeon $3.00
  Attributes of God A. W. Tozer $6.00
  Certanties for Today Lehman Strauss $5.00
  Christian Living in the Home Jay E. Adams $7.00
  Complete Works of E.M. Bounds on Prayer Baker $10.00
 Evening by Evening Charles H. Spurgeon $3.00
  Finding Certain Disciples Dr. Rick Cassada $4.50
  Finding Peace in Life's Storms Charles H. Spurgeon $4.00
  Four Front Doors to New Testament Churches S.E. Anderson $3.50
  From Sea to Shining Sea Marshall/Manuel $12.00
  God At Work? John Owen $5.00
  God's Joy in Your Heart Charles H. Spurgeon $4.00
  God's Outlaw Brian H. Edwards $10.00
  Grace Abounding to The Chief of Sinners John Bunyan $3.00
  Hell On Trial Robert Peterson $11.00
  History of The Baptist Church at Hill Cliffe James Kenworth $10.00
  Holiness J.C. Ryle $10.00
  How to Manage Your Money Larry Durkett $20.00
  How to overcome evil Jay E. Adams $4.00
  Issues Facing The Churches:1950's Rock Music David Cloud $3.00
 Issues Facing The Churches:1960's Rock Music David Cloud $3.00
  Issues Facing The Churches:Biblical Fasting David Cloud $2.00
  Issues Facing The Churches:Fruitful Membership David Cloud $2.00
  Issues Facing The Churches:Healing? David Cloud $3.00
  Jesus Rose for You Charles H. Spurgeon $4.00
  KJV Holy Bible (Wide Margin - Genuine Leather) Church $55.00
  KJV Holy Bible on Cassette Alexander Scourby $55.00
  KJV New Testament on Cassette Alexander Scourby $19.00
  Learning to Be Happy Jeremiah Burroughs $4.00
  Lord & Christ Ernest Reisinger $8.00
  Lord of the Saved Kenneth Gentry $6.00
  Morning and Evening Charles H. Spurgeon $6.00
  Morning by Morning Charles H. Spurgeon $3.00
  Moses, Chosen Deliverer, Biblegram CEF Press $10.00
  My Conversion Charles H. Spurgeon $3.50
 One with Christ Hudson Taylor $3.00
  Our Church Life J.M. Frost $3.50
  Practical Christianity A.W. Pink $8.00
  Praise Her in the Gates Nancy Wilson $7.50
  Prayer John Bunyan $5.00
  Preach The Word Denis Lane $3.00
  Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices Thomas Brooks $6.00
  Rabboni W. Phillip Keller $4.00
  Revival! Brian E. Edwards $14.00
  Robert E. Lee on Leadership H.W. Crocker $0.00
  Ruth, Biblegram CEF Press $10.00
  Salvation Bible Basics Doug Hammett $4.00
  Sin, The Law and The Glory of the Gospel Joseph Bellamy $13.00
  Sinners in The Hands of an Angry God Jonathan Edwards $1.50
  Smith's Bible Dictionary Publisher $14.95
 Spanking, Why, When, How? Roy Lessin $4.00
  Spiritual Mothering Susan Hunt $8.99
  Spiritual Parenting Charles H. Spurgeon $3.00
  Studies in the New Testament Church? Louis Entzminger $4.00
  Succeeding With Your Money Edward Walke $2.00
  The Baptism of the Holy Ghost and Toungues Louis Entzminger $3.00
  The Bible, The Baptist & The Board System Moser/Scarboro $4.95
  The Case for Independent Baptist Churches M.L. Moser $3.00
  The Christians Guide to Designing a Love Trust Plan Esperti/Peterson $10.00
  The Church and the Ordinances Buell Kazee $3.50
  The Church that Jesus Built Roy Mason $6.00
  The Complete Husband Lou Priolo $11.00
  The Counselor A.W. Toser $6.00
  The Doctrine of Repentance Thomas Watson $4.00
  The Eleven Commandments Lehman Strauss $5.00
 The Fullness of Joy Charles H. Spurgeon $4.00
  The Glorious Church Roy M. Reed $3.00
  The Godly Man's Picture Thomas Watson $5.00
  The 'I Wills' of Christ P.B. Power $8.00
  The Joy of Fearing God Jerry Bridges $10.00
  The Life of Faith Thomas Manton $8.99
  The Lord's Supper Norman H. Wells $1.75
  The Love of God Martyn Lloyd Jones $8.99
  The Making of the Christian Minister Dr. Lehman Strauss $1.75
  The Myth of the Universal Church Theory Roy Mason $4.00
  The New Atheism Robert Morey $7.00
  The Ordinances of the Church Davis W. Huckabee $3.50
  The Origin and the Nature of The Church Davis W. Huckabee $5.00
  The Pleasantness of a Religious Life Matthew Henry $10.00
 The Power in Prayer Charles H. Spurgeon $3.00
 The Practice of Prayer G. Cambell Morgan $8.00
  The Pursuit of God A.W. Tozer $6.00
  The Pursuit of Man A.W. Tozer $6.00
  The Real Saint Patrick Ironside/Wimbish $2.50
  The Reformers and Their Stepchildren Leonard Verduin $11.00
  The Seven Churches of Asia B.H. Carroll $2.00
  The Soul Winner Charles H. Spurgeon $4.00
  The Soul Winners Fire John Rice $2.00
  The Trail of Blood J. M. Carroll $2.00
  The Way of Life Encyclopedia of the Bible David Cloud $30.00
  The Weish Revival(out) $6.00
  Thinking Spiritually John Owen $6.00
  Today's Evangelism Ernest C. Reissinger $6.00
  Vine's Expository Dictionary Publisher $16.00
  Vital Church Truths R.J. Anderson $1.50
 Walking with God J.C. Ryle $6.00
  What? Me Join This Church? $2.00
  Whatever Happened to Hell John Blanchard $12.00
  Whatever Happened to the Ten Commandments? Ernest C. Reissinger $6.00
  Whatever happened to Worship? Thomas Watson $6.00
  When Christ Returns Charles H. Spurgeon $3.00
  Words to Winners of Souls(out) $4.00
  Your Available Power Charles H. Spurgeon $3.00
  Zondervan's Pictorial Bible Dictionary Publisher $15.00